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Happy 40th Birthday, Flavio Sala!

21-04-2023 03:50 PM

Flavio Sala

40, birthday,

Tuesday, May 9, I'll turn 40. What if...

Have you ever loved something that you considered heavily boring for a long time?


Let me tell you a story.

December 29, 1993.


I made my debut in my Bojano. I remember a few things in particular:

1) the repertoire I played;

2) there were a lot of people;

3) it was very cold;

4) my hands were shaking (from fear, not from the cold).


At the end of the event, they paid me my first honorary: a book.


"Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson.


An evergreen. So evergreen that, having read perhaps 50 pages, I closed it and never reopened it. And god knows where it went.


The worst thing was that the book convinced me that reading was boring. I would gladly have done without it for the rest of my life.


Five years later, a friend gave me another one and I haven't stopped since, because it was the right book.


Reading develops creativity, imagination, sensitivity, critical sense: this is why I believe it is an essential activity for a musician and I always recommend it to my pupils.


Personally, the more I read, the more I buy, the more I buy, the more I want to read.


Since I wrote two books ("The sound you deserve: 30 years of classical guitar" and "Bojano's guitarist - autobiography of the years 1983-2020"), I have become a real bibliophile: I read, research, study and collect books.


I no longer have where to put them, yet I continue to buy, read and study them.


Since the beginning of 2023, I've bought a hundred of them, almost 1 a day. The last one a few hours ago.


Is there anyone else who has the same disease as me? :)


I wish I could buy at least 750 more…


Yes, because I have 2 dreams:

1) read them all;

2) create the largest private library in the Universe!!!







Meaning what...


In short...



I'll be 40 in a few days...

Would you like to be part of my library and help me improve my playing, my teaching, my music, my writing and all the activities I propose?


Well, if yes, pick all the books you want from The List and send them to me within May 9th. In each book I will handwrite: "Gift - example - from Oscar Afone for my 40th birthday. Date and signature." and when I'll read and consult it, I will remember you and this sweet moment. And I will always keep a little bit of you here at my home.


And now the best thing: Tuesday 9 May, my 40th birthday, at 6pm (Italy time), I will unwrap your gift, and all the others, in Live Streaming on:


ATTENTION, PLEASE: very useful questions!

1) When to send the gift?

After the Live broadcast, The List will no longer be visible. However, if you want me to be able to unwrap your gift during the Live and thank you personally, send it as soon as possible, to give the gift time to get into my hands and for me to organize myself for the Streaming.


2) WHERE to send the gift?

Since there is a risk of not finding me at home, please, send it to the following pick-up point (see Point 8 below):

Punto Poste TABACCHERIA N. 1

3) Can I buy the gift in another bookstore?

I do not recommend it, for 2 reasons:

- you could run the risk of sending me a book that doesn't fit my interests (and that's why I created the Wished Book List);

- or to send me a duplicate.


Furthermore, by choosing from The List, each book will automatically be removed from the list.




1) Click on the List and scroll down to load the list of books;


2) If you prefer, set a filter that allows you to view the List based on increasing or decreasing price and priority, or simply scroll through the List;


3) Add all the books you want to the Cart;


4) Enter your Account with your credentials or register;


5) If you want, you can check the box THIS ORDER CONTAINS A GIFT and add a greeting card :) which I will keep for life inside the book, otherwise, go to the next point;


6) Click on Proceed to Order;


7) Delivery Address: click on VIEW PICK UP POINT and the map will open;



write BOJANO, search the list and make sure it is:
Punto Poste TABACCHERIA N. 1



9) Choose whether to wrap it with a greeting card :)


10) You must provide the complete legal name for collection, i.e. of the Person authorized to collect: enter FLAVIO SALA (very important: otherwise I will not be able to collect the package). They may ask for my email address which is flaviosala1@gmail.com

11) Click on BUY NOW.




If you have any questions, leave a comment below or contact me here.


Don't forget: I want to thank you, don't miss the Live Streaming, on Tuesday, May 9, at 6pm (Italy Time) on https://youtube.com/live/P-oPLFOAt1o?feature=share


I can't wait! 


Thank you <3


Big hug, see you very soon,


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