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Looking to the future after my 1st Anniversary in USA (Eng, Esp, Ita)

Last May 13th it was my 1st Anniversary, my first year of living here in USA. Time is so fast! How was it? I can say that it was a great start: 23 concerts just in this first year and I can say that my guitar reached thousands of people already here in Maryland but also in Pennsylvania and Washington DC, directly and through several interviews I gave on radios. My first online concerts were a wonderful experience (don't miss the next one, Sunday June 21st). But, considering that I spent almost two months…

My approach to the flamenco. (Eng, Esp, Ita)

Naples. Palapartenope. While I prepare nervously the old audiocassette recorder that my father had given me, suddenly I hear the six open strings playing, one by one. An unusual tuning, but I already knew what he was going to play. A song I knew by heart, note by note. Paco de Lucia was sitting there, a few meters away, the smoke of the stage looked like I was having an appearance. Finally, I could hear him, see him, but above all live him. I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. That November 27…

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"Guarda l'Italia che bella, sembra inventata": 3 settimane memorabili nella mia Italia!

Ieri sono rientrato negli Stati Uniti, dopo aver trascorso tre bellissime settimane in Italia, con la mia famiglia, vecchi amici, ma ho anche fatto nuove amicizie e non sono mancati dei veri e propri regali che mi hanno letteralmente sorpreso :)

  Arrivato il 9 Marzo. Senza dire niente a nessuno. La mia famiglia ignara del mio viaggio. Volevo fare una sorpresa a tutti. Ma come fare, senza la chiave del portone e della porta di casa? Ho pensato di rispondere al citofono come sempre ho fatto: "Sono io,

My 1st Concert Online was great!

Have you ever dreamt to be part of a true intimate concert?
Have you ever imagined to talk to your favorite musician just there during the concert?
Have you ever thought to request him to play your favorite song for you?

More than 1 year since I've heard about Concert Window, a powerful tool for artists: give an entire live concert online is not a dream anymore! And yesterday, Sunday Feb 22, I gave my 1st Live Concert Online. And it was more than what we were expecting to be!

Alone, at my home, just me, my…

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Flavio Sala Interview for FingerstyleGuitarists.com (Feb 1st, 2015)

Early life, background, how you arrived at playing guitar?

My name is Flavio Sala, I was born in Bojano, in the Region of Molise, in Italy, in 1983. I started to play classical guitar in a very casual way. Born in a musical family, with 4 generations of professional pianists, my older brothers and sister played guitar but just for singing. I really wanted to try but my brother convinced me that I couldn’t play because I am a left handed. So, I believed him without any kind of disappointment.

One day my…

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