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HOUSE CONCERTS: Cosa sono e come funzionano.

Hai mai pensato di sorprendere una persona a cui vuoi bene, nel giorno del suo compleanno o anniversario, invitando a suonare a casa tua un artista che ami?

Hai mai sognato di regalare alla tua famiglia e ai tuoi migliori amici un'esperienza davvero indimenticabile? 

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My approach to the flamenco. (Eng, Esp, Ita)

Naples. Palapartenope. While I prepare nervously the old audiocassette recorder that my father had given me, suddenly I hear the six open strings playing, one by one. An unusual tuning, but I already knew what he was going to play…

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My 1st Concert Online was great!

Have you ever dreamt to be part of a true intimate concert?
Have you ever imagined to talk to your favorite musician just there during the concert?
Have you ever thought to request him to play your favorite song for…

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