My 1st Concert Online was great!

Have you ever dreamt to be part of a true intimate concert?
Have you ever imagined to talk to your favorite musician just there during the concert?
Have you ever thought to request him to play your favorite song for you?

More than 1 year since I've heard about Concert Window, a powerful tool for artists: give an entire live concert online is not a dream anymore! And yesterday, Sunday Feb 22, I gave my 1st Live Concert Online. And it was more than what we were expecting to be!

Alone, at my home, just me, my guitar, my computer, a mic and a webcam. Ready to go! Play and the magician started: friends from USA, Italy, South America and Russia could listen to my playing on streaming and I was feeling like playing at the Carnegie Hall in New Your, in front of 10.000 people! Completely moved, excited and the most beautiful part of this "experiment" was that people could leave message in the chatt, letting me know what they were feeling in that moment, listening to that piece, also requesting me to play a piece. So, I played a short part from "Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez", a flamenco soleà by Chicuelo, an incipit from "Volver", remembering about my great friend Mango, passed away just few weeks ago.

As it was my 1st experiment on Concert Window, I didn't make any kind of promotion, I was too afraid that something could not work well and that it was not going to be nice. But, everybody told that the audio and video were just perfect! So, I am going to repeat this, because it was too beautiful: a new and intimate way to be in touch and share amazing music!

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See you soon. Online :)

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