What a great experience in an Elementary School in USA!

Last May 28th I visited my cousin's elementary school because it was the "Career Day". So, every kid invited a member of the family to talk about his/her job. Drew asked me to go and I accepted. And I got very impressed! Look at those pictures and you'll understand why...Some of you will think that this is normal here in USA. Well, I got amazed because I've never seen before such a beautiful Musical Laboratory in any kind of school and in any country! And I am a musician...

There were two meetings at different time. The kids were sitting around me and, having my guitar into my arms, I told them a little bit about my life. Music is my job because that is the way I make a living but it is expecially my passion! 

What a great job they are doing with those kids! They are the people that tomorrow will go to the concerts, will buy music, will appreciate a musician, will be able to sit in a Concert Hall listening to the music for two hours! This is amazing! And I really congratulate with everybody who makes this possible! I wish I could have this when I was a kid! Education is the best and the most important in our life: without any kind of education we cannot fight for our future!

Look at those pics, they are so cute :)

Basic Music Theory, which is not easy. Kids have also accessibility to any kind of musical instruments and they even try to make their favorite one. I have also to say that they were prepared: they could mention several genres of music, from jazz to flamenco, classical, pop, rock, rock 'n roll and this was pretty impressive. 

At the end of the second meeting we tried to do an experiment: standing up, all the kids had to "dance" following the mood of the music I was playing. You could see the power of the music: sad, happy, exciting, relaxing, and when you experience all those feelings thanks to the music, you will grow up better!

One of them asked: "When did you start playing?" And it was amazing because I was 7, excactly like them, the same age. But there is a difference: whenever my dad put the first guitar into my arms, I was feeling something very special: I already knew guitar was going to become my world, the secret room where I could be by myself and spend all the time I wanted, everytime I wanted to do! So, I already new that guitar was going to become my life. And that is the reason I will never give up and never stop fighting for my dreams, never spend my life teaching in a conservatory or wherever: "Find what you love and let it kill you" somebody said. I was very lucky.

Thank you Drew for making me living a beautiful and very unique day in Music!

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