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Billy colucci in oct 2017

"Billy Colucci or the joy of music" - (Nov. 5, 2017)

"I feel like music died in my hands and that my hands are not able to play anymore".

This is what he answered me when I asked him if he was still playing. Billy Colucci is an Italian-American pianist, born in Philadelphia in 1939 by Italian parents. He currently lives in Baltimore and that's why I had the pleasure to share some time with him. And I will be forever grateful to my friend Tony who insisted so much I had to listen to Billy's playing!

During my 6 days I was in Baltimore doing my "Last Thing

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"Last thing in America" - (Oct. 3rd, 2017)

As I pulled the small boxes out of the storage and then put them into the much bigger one and finally sent it all back, for the first time to myself, the memories passed in front of me like slides but I still can't focus on them. "Have I really been all this time here in America?" I wonder sometimes. It's hard to really explain how it feels, I think I am still digesting everything. I do not know if my brain doesn't want to realize or is really incapable of "reproducing". But 90 concerts in less than 2 years…

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20170528 154331

"It's true, I can play!" - (July 1st, 2017)

I was born in a family of musicians, 4 generations of musicians: my great-grandmother, my grandfather and my father, all graduated in piano. My grandfather, born in 1907, also completed the composition and conducting studies at the "Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella" in Naples, Italy. 

As a child, I was very insecure, timid, unable to start and keep a conversation, to intervene even when I had the right answer, feeling constantly embarrazed with anyone, with the girlfriends you have no idea, always with…

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Flavio sala interview for the baltimore sun july 2016

Italian-born classical guitarist Flavio Sala starts his career anew in the United States.

A long interview appeared on the BALTIMORE SUN on July 22nd, 2016. LINK TO THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE:

By Jonathan Pitts

One night, the internationally acclaimed classical guitarist Flavio Sala headlined a performance by a symphony orchestra at Prokofiev Concert Hall of the
Philharmonic Society of Russia. 

Three weeks later, he was playing at a barn in Carroll County as the opening act…

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HOUSE CONCERTS: what they are and how to set them up.

Have you ever thought to surprise your wife, husband, son, daugther on the birthday or anniversary by inviting the artist you love to play at your home for her/him? 

Have you ever dreamt about giving your family and your best friends an unforgettable experience at your home as a special gift? 

Have you ever imagined to listen to live music in an intimate, unique and special way?  

And what about the privilege to have an artist playing exclusively for you and the people you love?


(Flavio Sala warming up…

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CHICAGO: a city of House Concerts, Torres' guitars and The Wieners Circle's insults (LOL)

I spent two wonderful days in Chicago, last week (February 19-21, 2016) and it was an unforgettable experience!

My great friend Brian Adams (no, not the one who sings Summer 69), one of the campers at the Steve Howe’s Guitar Cross Style in Big Indian (NY, August 2013), hosted me for a couple of House Concerts. Everything went perfect: great people, new friends, new connections and…great music, of course!

Flavio Sala in one of the House Concerts in Chicago, February 19-21, 2016.

I decided to play two

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20150528 091717

What a great experience in an Elementary School in USA!

Last May 28th I visited my cousin's elementary school because it was the "Career Day". So, every kid invited a member of the family to talk about his/her job. Drew asked me to go and I accepted. And I got very impressed! Look at those pictures and you'll understand why...Some of you will think that this is normal here in USA. Well, I got amazed because I've never seen before such a beautiful Musical Laboratory in any kind of school and in any country! And I am a musician...

There were two meetings at…

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Looking to the future after my 1st Anniversary in USA (Eng, Esp, Ita)

Last May 13th it was my 1st Anniversary, my first year of living here in USA. Time is so fast! How was it? I can say that it was a great start: 23 concerts just in this first year and I can say that my guitar reached thousands of people already here in Maryland but also in Pennsylvania and Washington DC, directly and through several interviews I gave on radios. My first online concerts were a wonderful experience (don't miss the next one, Sunday June 21st). But, considering that I spent almost two months…

My approach to the flamenco. (Eng, Esp, Ita)

Naples. Palapartenope. While I prepare nervously the old audiocassette recorder that my father had given me, suddenly I hear the six open strings playing, one by one. An unusual tuning, but I already knew what he was going to play. A song I knew by heart, note by note. Paco de Lucia was sitting there, a few meters away, the smoke of the stage looked like I was having an appearance. Finally, I could hear him, see him, but above all live him. I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. That November 27…

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My 1st Concert Online was great!

Have you ever dreamt to be part of a true intimate concert?
Have you ever imagined to talk to your favorite musician just there during the concert?
Have you ever thought to request him to play your favorite song for you?

More than 1 year since I've heard about Concert Window, a powerful tool for artists: give an entire live concert online is not a dream anymore! And yesterday, Sunday Feb 22, I gave my 1st Live Concert Online. And it was more than what we were expecting to be!

Alone, at my home, just me, my…

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