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DEC 17 - "Encounter of the Third Kind: Flavio Sala in Reisterstown" by Ed Henry.

DEC 16 - "Mi Guitarra y Mis Amores": SIGN-UP and get Exclusive Pre-Listen! 

DEC 15 - "You, Music Lovers, are my target, fall in love with my guitar and you will never be disappointed!” - 

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Italian guitarist Flavio Sala has been captivating all kinds of audiences: no matter if Flavio plays Classical or Latin, those who have had a chance to hear him live can not forget the perfect mood for relaxing and the pleasure of listening. Flavio loves surprising his crowd and you never know what could happen during his show. "You never imagine a guitar could have such a passionate soul until you hear Flavio's", as numerous fans around the world have said. Yes, because Flavio Sala doesn't move fingers, Flavio moves people!

RIYL: Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, Paco de Lucia, Luis Salinas, Steve Howe and Pat Metheny.

''Mi Guitarra y Mis Amores'': The New Discographical Project starts on December 21st!

"Mi Guitarra y Mis Amores" is a series of musical stories, an innovative musical journey and the best way to keep in touch and share the moods. "Mi Guitarra y Mis Amores" is a Special Gift to all true Flavio Sala's Fans! READ MORE

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